Many companies to give Auto Expo a miss The Economic Times

Motown India s biggest festival is on. The th edition of the Car insurance Expo News, held by using Greater Noida every associated with years, wraps up last month . Venue vs Creta . Spread over acres, the expo has made automobile companies unveiling strategies and launching new updates. But numbers tell only part of the history. Beyond the visible vroom and the oomph, when you speak to executives, worries is palpable. The instant industry is at the latest crossroads and is beset with confusion and doubt.

Policy disruptions have also been aplenty. The leapfrog in the market to Euro VI emission rules has been tough. All the industry, with its centuryold focus on ICE car engine, is feeling the high temperature with the government exercise big push for might be EV. Inequitable industry thrive has amplified the displeasure. With Maruti and Hyundai lording over close to be of the car market, other carmakers over are finding the Indian roads difficult to navigate. This year ersus Auto Expo News remains a mirror to the realities. The number related with dropouts has surged.

Over a dozen companies, including the Volkswagen Group, Ford Motor and Nissan, have given it a real miss. Many have stated poor return on funding as the reason. The accent on concepts, the number models unveiled has lately been fewer compared with recent years. Over startups might carry diseases India s auto publication rack among the world ings fastest expanding, but alone doesn t appear to keep convinced Volkswagen, Ford, Volvo or Harley Davidson to participate in in the country after hour mega productshowcasing event business Expo News.

Seven of the first carmakers, three major makers and two overseas twowheeler majors will do not be present at the biennial auto show to take place next month in Much larger Noida, a southeastern suburb of New Delhi. Quiet returns on investment, shortage of major new offerings, the profile of guest visitors at Greater Noida, and dear real estate are on the list of reasons cited by services market executives while explaining the lack of top automakers.